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EyeBrow Perfection & Beauty


Dermaplaning removes both the vellus hair and the top layer of dead skin cells, which is visible at the end of your treatment (especially if it's your first time)! ⁣⁣

When this happens, your skin looks younger, more radiant, and skincare products work more efficiently as they don't have to work through dead skin cells to penetrate to where they need to go 

Dermaplaning is great for pregnant women since they can't use certain products and exfoliating treatments. It’s an alternative way to lightly resurface the skin when chemical peels and certain treatments are off limits.

Our most frequently asked question when it comes to dermaplaning is "will it make the hair grow back thicker/longer/faster?"

The answer? No, this is physiologically impossible. The soft, fine vellus hair will grow back slowly - usually in about 4 weeks.

There are two types of hair that grow on our bodies:

1. Vellous hair is thin, fine, soft hair that typically covers the entire body.

2. Terminal hair is the course hair that grows on the head, face in men, underarms, legs and pubic areas.

Dermaplaning, waxing, tweezing, sugaring, threading or any other depilatory form of hair removal cannot alter the type of hair grown in any given area.